project synopsis


Our Project brings together Partner organisations and other Stakeholders from across Europe: Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands & The United Kingdom. 

The project is an Adult Education project designed to work in both formal and informal learning contexts using innovative approaches to learning and to facilitate a societal change and transform the current status-quo through a bottom-up approach by engaging civil society actors, young adults and community members into an educative and transformational process.  

Adult Education project


Our principal objective is to devise and deliver innovative, practical and relevant tools and methodologies to promote tolerance and celebrate difference and identity.

The project will also explore intangible cultural heritage, looking at current day  cultural beliefs, traditions and lifestyles have been influenced, and continue to be influenced, by events in our past, even if many people are unaware of it.

The project will bring this hidden, and sometimes misunderstood, cultural heritage to life.

We will help communities to share the common experiences in history, on earthing stories, ideas and themes from the past.


Adult educators and community workers, across sectors, in both formal and informal contexts will be trained to test and use the products developed by the partnership.

The main product will be a series of “discovery events“, designed by participating adults to present to visitors from different neighbourhoods, cultures and countries.

The process will develop skills and self-confidence, enable and support engagement in adult learning and training, encourage European identity, active citizenship and promote entrepreneurship.

To achieve these objectives we will use interactive methodologies, collecting information from stakeholders to undertake audits mapping cultural heritage, social services, political boundaries and attitudes.

We will use this material to create innovative and entertaining discovery welcome events to the neighbourhoods and cultures of our project partners.

Their results will be to shine a new light on previously unknown European communities further enriching our sense of European cohesion and diversity

Other products activities include:
– A template for community based learning projects.
– Audits of the objective and subjective borders defining communities.
– Templates for “discovery events“ for neighbourhoods or institutions.
– A practical handbook describing methodology activities opportunities motivation and results.
– A training course for teachers with innovative methods materials and motivation

This Project is entitled: “Borders In The Mind” and is identified by the following Project Number: Project: 2018-1-ES01-KA204-050833

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