Trans National Meeting 1
Madrid March 2019

The Partners met for an initial Trans National Meeting in Madrid in March of 2019 hosted by Interacting, the Spanish Partner Organisation. 

We each crossed our own Physical borders to reach the TNM and our first order of business was to cross interpersonal borders by getting to know our Partners. We set out our plans for the Project and began work on a Work and Implementation Plan to see us through the lifetime of the project. 

We looked at issues around Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication going forward. We broke into Groups to work on our first approaches to developing our Project Intellectual Outputs and other aimed for outcomes. 

Trans National Meeting 2
Derry/Londonderry June 2019

The Partners met for a 2nd Trans National Meeting in Derry/Londonderry & in Belfast Northern Ireland  in June of 2019 hosted by Nerve Centre, the United Kingdom Partner Organisation.

We met initially at the offices of our United Kingdom Partner Nerve Centre  in Derry/Londonderry. We were treated to a presentation on Digital Technology as a tool for engaging with Cultural Heritage. A tour of Nerve Centre’s facilities including their in-house FabLab was arranged. 

We had an enlightening presentation on the use of Digital engagement tools & training in  teh composition of Digital content to support our Discovery Event experiences. We were split into two groups and each group were able to experience one of the two Discovery Events prepared by Nerve Centre in and around the Walls of Derry/Londonderry City.

On Day two we had a shared our experiences of Discovery with each other and Reported back on our Discovery experiences to reflect on what we had found. We had a discussion about the practicalities if transferring Discovery experience events model into Participants local contexts.  

We also had a presentation of the draft version of the Handbook and discussion surrounding the training programme. We had various additional group meetings to reflect on the work and implementation plan going forward. 

Joint Staff Training Event
Madrid September 2019

The Partners met for a Joint Staff Training Event  in Madrid in September of 2019 hosted by Interacting, the Spanish Partner Organisation. We commenced our JSTE  by introducing our three main elements Cultural heritage, Interaction and Technology. 

We travelled to Lavapies where we undertook a series of Discovery events which had been curated by CHAIN our Dutch partner organisation. We looked at how to identify relevant Cultural Heritage and how to work with it to plan interesting routes and captivating experiences for our local contexts. We reported back to the whole group what smaller groups had experienced in the different Lavapies Discovery Events. 

We looked at Identifying borders and performing Cultural Heritage audits. We broke into groups to brainstorm what we all felt was important to encounter in a Discovery to aid reflection on our preparations fro creating these in a local context. We looked a various practical matters before commencing as second Discovery Event in the Malasana district of Madrid supported by iPad technology 

Trans National Meeting 3
Marseille October 2019

The Partners met for a 3rd Trans National Meeting in Marseille in October of 2019 hosted by Eurasianet, the French Partner Organisation. 

We started of our TNM with a presentation of the best practices in social and cultural innovations initially by our hosts Eurasianet and then by each of the participant organisations. We looked at our mid term reporting and next project steps. We had a presentation from the coordinating organisation on our next steps. 

Intellectual Output 3 was presented by our Spanish Partners Interacting and set out activities which partners needed to engage in on a local level with their local partners. 

We had an opportunity to experience another Discovery Event compiled by our French Hosts.  This Discovery Event took place in the  historic Le Panier district of Marseille. We each shared our work plans with our local partners with teh participant group. 

Trans National Meeting 4
Madrid January 2020

The Partners met for a 4th Trans National Meeting in Madrid in January of 2020 hosted by Interacting, the Spanish Partner Organisation.

We met again and reflected on the crossing the borders of another year! We looked back at the Discoveries we had experienced already in 2019 and looked ahead to those still to come. We had a stimulating introduction to the “BiMGo” platform of Discovery in our Night time Discovery Experience in Quintana neighbourhood.  

The concept was to set a number of Discovery stops that Participants should make on their exploration of a neighbourhood and giving a set of alternative Discoveries for a participant to choose their own path. 

Trans National Meeting 5
Nicosia October 2021

The Partners met for a 5th and Final Trans National Meeting in Nicosia in October of 2021 hosted by Youth Power, the Cypriot Partner Organisation. We met together to commence our final TNM in the Ledra Street in Nicosia to commence our first of two Discovery events – this one on the southern side often UN Buffer zone that crosses the city. 

This Discovery “A Tale of Two Cities: Following the Line” commenced at the Border crossing point in Ledra Street and finished in the midst of the UN Buffer zone at the Home For Cooperation a shared space located in the Ledra Palace UN Buffer zone in the heart of Nicosia.

After our afternoon reflection on our Discovery we pressed on with the project business discussing matters  in relation to the BIM website, Reporting and Social Media. 

We closed off our first day with an enlightening presentation from The Association of Historical Dialogue and Research  and the Home Cooperation team on their local activities. We commenced our second day back at the Home for Cooperation  and finalised discussions around our Reporting requirements. We commenced our second Discovery event, this time on the North side of Nicosia. This Discovery being entitled “Discovering the North – Dancing The Line””.

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