“Borders? I have never seen one. But I have heard they exist in the minds of some People.”
Thor Hyerdahl

about this project.

Borders in the Mind looks at frontiers which define and divide both physically, intellectually and emotionally. Borders are explored and meeting points and means of crossing are to be identified.

Borders in the Mind addresses the urgent need for communities across Europe to reconsider the values defining their frontiers in order to be prepared for changes in population both present and future. It is the long term aim that the approach used in this project can bring about structural changes and transformations within communities and society at large.

Various countries within Europe still face on-going problems with past conflicts remaining paramount in today’s societies.  In some cases such as that of Cyprus the contrasting  educational system and society at large continue to perpetuate notions of past enemies.  Moreover, the influx of asylum seekers and refuges within the EU have brought about a new notion of the ‘other’.

Research has shown that a lack of knowledge of the host society, culture and labour market can create an obstacle to the labour market. For example, in Cyprus a key obstacle to labour market integration is said to be differences between the cultural and social norms of newcomers and those prevailing in Cyprus. New arrivals from different cultural, social and religious backgrounds may experience difficulties in adaptation that will make labour market entry more challenging.

Modern times are challenging or ideas about hosting and our Welcomes are becoming increasingly selective.

Our Project proposes modern and relevant Welcoming services designed by Residents of our interface communities to inform Visitors about the Places they’ve come to.

In showing others the range of services available, the History and Culture of the Neighbourhood, our Participants will learn about who they are and where they belong, within their own Country and in Europe.

Borders In The Mind recognises the massive upheaval and Population shifts with an Europe in recent years and seeks to address the needs of both Hosts and migrants for mutual respect and understanding of each other’s Cultures.

This Project is entitled: “Borders In The Mind” and is identified by the following Project Number: Project: 2018-1-ES01-KA204-050833

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